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Guest Blog - @StoreBoughtIsFine

Guest Blog - @StoreBoughtIsFine

If you happen to follow us on Instagram, you know we love @StoreBoughtIsFine. Trent Pheifer, the man behind this beautiful and witty feed, has challenged himself to cook through all of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa recipes. And he does it with style! Cassandra's Kitchen is proud to have this passionate Ina Garten fan as our brand ambassador, so we invited him to share a bit about his clever nick name and his cooking journey on the blog. Enjoy!


New Barefoot Contessa Website

We’re so excited about the launch of Ina’s new Barefoot Contessa website. We knew it was in the works and we have been quietly anticipating the fresh new look, gorgeous photos and of course, her special shopping section featuring Cassandra’s Kitchen!!