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Reusable Parchment Baking Sheet

12 x 16" Half Sheet Pan

The  Reusable Parchment Baking Sheet fits into our Professional Half Sheet Pan. It requires no greasing or flouring and holds no odors or flavors from previous use. Use to line the Professional Half Sheet Pan. You can also use it to line a microwave oven. The package contains one sheet per package.

Tip: To clean, simply wipe with a soapy cloth and rinse. Do not immerse in water or place in dishwasher. Avoid repeated, deep creasing. Lay flat or roll up to store.


  • Sheet fits in our Professional Half Sheet Pan
  • Makes surface non-stick for easy clean-up
  • Package contains one sheet per package (12 x 16 inches) 
  • FDA approved cooking surface
  • Withstands temperatures up to 500º F
  • Prevents sticking
  • No transfer of flavors or odors from previous use