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La Rochere Amitie Glassware - Set of 6

Red Wine Glass
Water Glass
Tasting Glass


The Amitie Glassware by La Rochere is an Ina Garten Favorite. The glasses are handmade and mouth-blown in France in the oldest, continuous glass factory in Europe. The La Rochere factory has been making glass since 1475. Each piece evokes both casual comfort and modern elegance.

La Rochere glass is durable, dishwasher and microwave safe, however, we recommend the following care instructions to prolong the clarity of your glassware

Glass is sensitive to water hardness and may react depending on the water you use. Hard water: whitish sediment may build up on the glass. This can easily be removed using warm water mixed with white vinegar or lemon juice. Freshwater or acid water (pH < 6): Freshwater may etch the surface of the glass, turning it slightly bluish and opaque over time. To prevent this from occurring, we recommend hand washing glasses so they do not soak too long in water. Please avoid severe thermal (extreme heat or cold) shocks.


  • Mouth-blown crystalline glassware
  • Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended
  • Made in France
  • Red Wine Glass (102301): 3.4" diameter x 5.75" h, 5.5 oz 
  • Water Glass (102201): 2.9" diameter x 6.1" h, 8.7 oz 
  • Tasting Glass (102101): 3.9" diameter x 6.9" h, 12 oz


Please note that La Rochere French wine glasses are smaller than your traditional American wine glass.  

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