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Potter’s Dish Soap


Scrub your way to success with our specially designed dish soap. Formulated to effectively clean your favorite stoneware, this soap is perfect for tackling even the toughest messes that refuse to budge with regular soap. Whether it's burnt-on food or stubborn stains, our dish soap is up to the task.

Say goodbye to dirty dishes and hello to sparkling clean stoneware with our hardworking dish soap. Its powerful formula cuts through grease and grime, leaving your dishes spotless and looking brand new. With our dish soap, you'll never have to worry about unsightly stains or lingering food odors on your favorite dishes again.


2.3" x 8"; 16oz.

Created in New Hampshire

Made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients.

Contains no phthalates, dea, mea, or artificial colors. Free of animal-derived ingredients and not tested on animals.