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VHS Tape Ornament

VHS Tape Ornament

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Transport yourself back to the nostalgic charm of yesteryears with the "VHS TAPE Ornament" for Christmas. Meticulously designed to replicate the iconic VHS tape, this ornament is a delightful homage to a bygone era of entertainment. Its intricate details, from the familiar cassette shape to the meticulously recreated label artwork, evoke memories of cozy movie nights and cherished classics.

Hung on your tree, it's not just an ornament, but a symbol of the enduring magic of cherished moments and a perfect addition for those who hold the beauty of retro memories close to their heart during the holiday season.


  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 2.75"
  • Width: 0.75"
  • Height: 4.25"
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