In The Kitchen - Ina's Roasted Ratatouille

During the summer months, we spend as much time outside as we possibly can and because it’s hot outside, our dinners tend to be simpler. This week, we had a few cooler days so I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and try something new that I’d never made before. I flipped through Ina Garten's latest Barefoot Contessa cookbook Cooking For Jeffrey and decided on Roasted Ratatouille with Polenta.

East Hampton Trip

We’re having a wonderful summer! So excited to tell you all about our latest East Hampton trip. As I’ve said many times before, I am so fortunate to have been raised there and have such a strong connection with East Hampton (and Ina Garten). East Hampton is beautiful and charming; with great food and nice beaches, so I am not at all surprised that it’s grown into a super popular destination. But regardless of it’s popularity, it will always been home to me. There was such a great response to our East Hampton post last year, so we decided to do a few more this summer. We hope you enjoy them!

In The Kitchen - Ina's Flag Cake

The famous Ina Garten Flag Cake. I would bet that if you’ve lived in America for any amount of time or even happened to visit in the summer months, you’ve seen some version of the Flag Cake. This time of year, the fruity stars and stripes are all over checkout aisle magazine covers and cooking shows. It’s so festive and fun - even Taylor Swift and her famous friends are fans of Ina’s Flag Cake.

In The Kitchen - Jalapeño Margaritas

Kids are almost done with school, Father’s Day is this weekend and it’s finally starting to feel like summertime in NY. I thought it would be a good time to share one of our favorite summer drinks – courtesy of Ina Garten and my husband Brad - Jalapeño Margaritas. Brad loves spicy food. Loves it. So years ago, when I first got my hands on Ina’s Make It Ahead cookbook, I was thrilled to find her Jalapeño Margaritas recipe...

Canning Strawberry Jam - Take 1

We’ve had a really great response to our Weck Jars. They have so many awesome uses (dry goods, storing asparagus, Ina’s Herbed Goat Cheese), but I decided to try my hand at canning and use them as initially intended. So I decided to make jam. It’s strawberry season. Strawberry jam is one of my favorites. I see posts and recipes for jam all over the place. My mom used to make jam - I never helped, but how hard could it be?

Update: Cassandra's Chicken Coop

It’s been over a year since we added our chickens to the family! This year, we’ve added a few more chicks and a bunny to our growing brood. While there have been ups and downs (such is life – even the lives of chickens), I’m so happy with our current situation. I’ve learned a ton and eating fresh eggs has been amazing. The icing on the cake is that the kiddos just adore their outdoor ‘pets’ and (hopefully) I won’t have to worry about adding an inside animal for a while.

In The Kitchen - Melted Ice Cream Cake

One of my favorite traditions in our house is the Birthday Meal. The birthday gal (or guy) gets to pick what they want to eat for dinner on their birthday. And, of course, they get the cake of their choice. For the past few years, my daughters have been really into Trifle cake. Thankfully, this year my daughter Lexi wanted a change so, together, we invented Melted Chocolate Ice Cream Cake. I promise, it’s better than the name suggests and you’ve probably had it before – just never gave it a name!


Guest Blog - @StoreBoughtIsFine

If you happen to follow us on Instagram, you know we love @StoreBoughtIsFine. Trent Pheifer, the man behind this beautiful and witty feed, has challenged himself to cook through all of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa recipes. And he does it with style! Cassandra's Kitchen is proud to have this passionate Ina Garten fan as our brand ambassador, so we invited him to share a bit about his clever nick name and his cooking journey on the blog. Enjoy!


In The Kitchen - Tomato Basil Soup

I love tomatoes. They are by far my favorite vegetable (or are they a fruit?). In the summer it’s a no brainer - the tomatoes are bursting with flavor and I can literally cut them up, drizzle some olive oil, sprinkle some salt and pepper and eat them right up. In the winter, it’s a different story. Thank you, Ina for your Roasted Tomato Basil Soup – the perfect way to enjoy tomatoes in February!

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