Cooking with Jackie Ourman!

I spent the day baking with my friend Jackie Ourman. What a fun day!

A few months back, I met Jackie at a cocktail party. We got to talking and I was taken by her story of Gluten & Nut Free cooking. She has three boys and two of them have food allergies to peanuts and gluten (celiac disease). Shortly after they were diagnosed, she, herself, was also diagnosed with celiac disease. What's a mom to do!? She decided to go to culinary school to help her figure it all out. She is now a trained chef, freelance recipe developer, food blogger and culinary instructor who is passionate about creating recipes and sharing resources for living well with food allergies and celiac disease. 

This coconut cake is Jackie's Gluten Free version of Ina Garten's Coconut Cake. She uses her own gluten free flour mix and I have to say, it's fantastic... not to mention a showstopper dessert for any occasion, especially when placed on this gorgeous HOTEL Silver Cake Stand, right?


Enjoy! Jackie Ourman 4-Layer Coconut Cake.



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Can’t wait to make this beautiful cake!

Julia Stuart Peters

This cake looks delicious! I must try it, thanks for the recipe.

Doreen Crawford

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