Herbal Iced Tea!

I’ve been serving Ina Garten’s Herbal Iced Tea for years at every event I host. My guests are always pleasantly surprised at how delicious it tastes. You can serve it year round, but it is particularly refreshing during the summer months. I had a difficult time finding a pitcher that would hold 8 cups of liquid, but was thrilled when I found this heavy duty 8 Cup Measure for making the Herbal Iced Tea. This pitcher is also great for mixing cocktails or for measuring chicken stock. Surprise your guests this Labor Day weekend with this refreshing recipe!



- Cassandra


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I love this recipe. I always keep the ingredients on hand. In case someone drops by. Easy, delicious and looks great in a glass. Everyone loves it.


Carrie, let us know how it turns out!

Cassandra's Kitchen

Going to try tomorrow!!! Thx cassandra!!


I have also been serving this Herbal Iced Tea for a long time and each time I receive rave reviews! It is yummy! and a definite keeper recipe!!!


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