3 (Kid Friendly) Summer Desserts We Love

3 (Kid Friendly) Summer Desserts We Love

We don't play around when it comes to our favorite desserts! While making our way through each of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa cookbooks, we truly haven't found one recipe we didn't love - but we did find a few of our tried & true favorites.

Today, we're rounding up the perfect (easy to make) summer desserts and they're all kid-friendly. My children LOVE them and I know yours will, too!

First up is Ina's Frozen Key Lime Pie! There just aren't enough words to describe how delicious this pie is...and it's the perfect treat to cool off after a long day at the pool. Click here to see the recipe.

ina garten barefoot contessa frozen key lime pie kid friendly desserts

Next, we'd have to recommend Ina's Skillet Brownies...which are fantastic for year-round cravings! You can use our Mini Skillets to make these and they're so fun to make with the kiddos. You can view the recipe, here.

ina garten barefoot contessa skillet brownies kid friendly desserts

And, no roundup would be complete without Ina's Lemon Bars. These little bars are such a good treat for the person who has a true sweet tooth. They are truly SO refreshing and a fan favorite around my house. Find the recipe, here.

ina garten barefoot contessa lemon bars kid friendly desserts

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