Thanksgiving in our house means turkey for days (in a good way). There’s always so much food and it’s all so good. I look forward to the leftovers and eating a turkey feast for lunch, in my kitchen, with much less pomp and circumstance.

The Plan B Containers are an easy way to divvy up leftovers for all of your guests. They're perfect for transport and you don't have to worry about tracking down your containers post holiday. I put portions of turkey, potatoes, and veggies all in one. For gravy and cranberry sauce I use the small Clear Plastic Containers – since everyone likes to add their own. I think I may put together a ‘leftover mash-up’ by layering turkey, potatoes, stuffing, corn, and gravy (so good!).

I love to use the Wrap‘n Snap to help store leftovers. At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. It looked like there was a lot to it, and off-the-roll plastic wrap seemed simpler. NO WAY! Now I use it nearly every day and on occasions like Thanksgiving, it’s a lifesaver. No more frustration or time spent trying to keep the plastic from bunching up and then unbunching it. Just pull out the plastic film (I use Stretch-Tite, it's Ina's favorite), close the lid, and release. I use it to wrap leftovers right in the bowl and keep food fresh while in the fridge or waiting to be served. The cutting blade isn’t exposed so I let me kids use it to wrap up avocados or fruit. It’s easy, and even kind of fun. And when I don't need it, I store it in a drawer under my counter for easy access.

We took a few photos to show how simple it is.






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Afternoon Cassandra,
Unfortunately, I am disappointed in the plastic containers as 2 have cracked while sitting overnight in the refrigerator. On the afternoon after our feast, I brought out the large container of our Thanksgiving Cranberry Relish only to find the crack was large enough to allow the cranberry “juice” to drip onto the floor. Alerting my family to be careful in the future we have been & until yesterday all was well until the small container of leftover “chicken stir fry” came out cracked. There have been 2 different sized containers with cracks; I spent time yesterday holding the opened containers up to a bright light searching for cracks but found none. So, what is going on? I bought so many with hopes of ridding the pantry of all the mismatched plastic ware but am now not sure if that is a good idea or if I should donate the entire lot to Habitat

Barbara Macey

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