One More Holiday Sale

We're having such a great Holiday Season that we wanted to offer our customers one last chance to save on gifts and kitchen tools. Friday and Saturday, December 11th & 12th we will offer 15% OFF any order of $100 or more.

Don't forget, autographed cookbooks and Cassandra's Kitchen cards make great gifts!

--Cassandra & Cintia


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Hi there. I googled best clthocaoe chip cookie recipe, or something similar and came across several recipes. Yours looked the closest to what I wanted. There’s a bakery in town that makes the best clthocaoe chip walnut cookies. They’re slightly dry-chewy-crunchy on the outside and moist-chewy-chocolatey on the inside with at least a walnut bite every other bite So I followed your recipe pretty close, just adding some walnuts and maybe a little less clthocaoe chips. Also, I didn’t have baking soda and felt ashamed to substitute a larger portion of baking powder. I do not own a mixer so I improvised doing it all by hand. I kept the butter a little colder but it probably is best to do this with a mixer. Despite the inconsistencies, Wow!!! I was not dissapointed. I just ate 2 and a half with a glass of milk. After writing this comment, they’ll have cooled the proper amount of time. I think I’ll go have another right now. Thank you for sharing!


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