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This month we've decided to start a new blog series called “In The Kitchen” where Cassandra and I share recipes that we regularly make for our friends and family. Ideally, we’ll post one every week (or so), we hope you enjoy it and participate by commenting with your feedback, questions, and some favorite recipes of your own. I’m kicking it off with my Weekday Hummus Recipe.

I call it ‘Weekday Hummus’ because I really do make it weekly. I store it in plastic containers (here) and use it for snacking after school - so much better than chips or something processed. After school, my girls are on tight schedules with homework, soccer and gymnastics, so they need snacks that will keep their energy up. Having hummus ready for those snacking times makes all the difference.



I also like to use hummus in place of mustard or mayo in sandwiches and wraps. Sometimes I even add a dollop to arugula or spinach salad with kosher salt, pepper, olive oil (Olio Santo is the best!) and balsamic vinegar for a twist on salad dressing. This week I took a veggie and hummus tray with me to my book club. A hit!




You’ll notice my recipe doesn’t include tahini - the daughter of one of my closest friends has a severe nut allergy, and I wanted her to be able to enjoy it. This version is a little lighter and lemony - with the addition of parsley, it has a fresh flavor that I love (especially in winter). If you’d like to add tahini, I’d use about 1/3 of a cup.

Hope you enjoy it!




2 15oz cans of chick peas - drained and rinsed
2 lemons - zest & juice
1 sun-dried tomato - in olive oil
1 cup parsley leaves - chopped
1 1/2 teaspoons Kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup olive oil


Add all ingredients into food processor fitted with the steel blade attachment. Coarsely puree. Taste, for seasoning and serve with veggies, warm pita, or your choice of edible scoop.


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I too love this quick recipe & is on my "tomorrow’ list.

Sweet Potato Hummus??? Must find a recipe & try.


What a great idea. I alway enjoy everything from the “Contessa”.

June Lattanzio

I love to make my own sweet potato hummus but will try this one next! Sounds delish and has less ingredients than mine so will be easier to make! Thx ladies!


I like this alternative

Flo Raber

Nice idea…your blog. And since we know where u influence comes from,surely your personalized recipes will have great ingredients and flavor. congratulations and thanks.

Wilma Goldstein

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