Baked by Melissa's Crunchy Ramen Slaw

Baked by Melissa's Crunchy Ramen Slaw

Baked by Melissa | Crunchy Ramen Slaw Recipe
Baked by Melissa | Crunchy Ramen Slaw Recipe | BBQ Sides, Barefoot Contessa

Beat the Heat with Baked by Melissa's Crunchy Ramen Slaw: The Perfect Summer BBQ Side

Summer is upon us, and that means sizzling BBQs, sunshine-filled days, and of course, delicious side dishes! While potato salad and coleslaw are always classic options, sometimes you crave something a little more exciting.

Melissa's Crunchy Ramen Slaw is a vibrant and flavorful twist on a traditional salad, perfect for adding some fun and crunch to your next barbecue.

But, this isn't your average slaw. Forget the limp cabbage and bland dressing. Baked by Melissa takes things up a notch with a symphony of textures and tastes.

Imagine perfectly crisp ramen noodles, their slight salty savoriness complementing the vibrant crunch of fresh vegetables like carrots and broccoli. Each bite bursts with an explosion of flavor, enhanced by a sweet and tangy dressing.

Why It's the Perfect BBQ Side:

Here's why this Crunchy Ramen Slaw deserves a prime spot on your BBQ spread:

  • Light and Refreshing: The salad's cool and light texture is a welcome counterpoint to heavier BBQ fare like burgers and hot dogs.
  • Easy to Transport: It travels well, making it ideal for potlucks or picnics.
  • Pleases a Crowd: With its delicious mix of sweet, savory, and crunchy textures, this salad appeals to a wide range of palates.
  • Visually Appealing: The vibrant colors of the vegetables and the unique ramen noodle element add a pop of fun to your table.

Beyond the BBQ:

While this Crunchy Ramen Slaw shines as a BBQ side, it's incredibly versatile. Enjoy it as a light lunch, a side dish for weeknight dinners, or a refreshing addition to your lunchbox.

A Baked by Melissa Twist:

Of course, when it comes to Baked by Melissa, there's always a delightful twist. This recipe is also delicious when you add additional ingredients like edamame, sesame seeds, or even a hint of ginger in the dressing.

Use our Wooden Salad Bowl and Salad Serving Set to serve it up in style. And then, store leftovers (if there are any) in our Plastic Storage Containers (a Barefoot Contessa favorite!)

So, ditch the ordinary this summer and embrace the exciting flavors and textures of Baked by Melissa's Crunchy Ramen Slaw. It's the perfect way to add some fun and freshness to your BBQs and summer gatherings.

Ready to try it? See the recipe below & let us know what you thiink!

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