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The Journey of Cassandra's Kitchen

Forty years ago, my family moved to East Hampton, NY. My dad took on an extra part-time job working for Ina Garten. He would drive a van into New York City and pick up  breads, cheeses and other fine foods that Ina sold in her store.  As kids, we took turns going with my dad in the van. We left very early in the morning.  I was very young, but I remember my day revolving around really good food! 

Ten years later I was working the cash register at Barefoot Contessa, looking over to the bakery, hoping that one day, Ina would let me run the cappucchino machine or get access to the perfectly placed chocolate croissants!  I have a lot of memories from working there with the most amazing people.  Celebrities came in all the time and I remember ringing up Steve Martin one morning and being so nervous that I would mess up! 😳

Barefoot Contessa Storefront


During that time, everyone in my family had worked at Barefoot Contessa at one time or another, with the exception of my mom, Barbara Libath. While Ina was working on her first book, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, she asked my mom, to help on the photo shoots for the book.  What started out as a part-time job shopping for groceries ended up becoming a full time job involving recipe testing, accompanying Ina on book tours, answering correspondence and just about anything else that Ina needed to have done. 

Ina Garten & Barbara Libath


Several years later, my mom shared with me that people called the office regularly asking where they could find specific products that Ina used in her television shows and cookbooks such as the pepper mill, zester, “good vanilla,” plastic containers, and “good olive oil”.  My mom suggested that I start a website selling these products as she didn’t always know where to send Ina’s fans to and thought it might be a great business idea. Voila! Cassandra’s Kitchen was born.

Having little knowledge of websites and design, I knew I needed a partner. Cindy and my family always spent a lot of time on Atlantic Avenue beach in Amagansett. We were both local families who grew up together. We would always sit in the same place on the beach, next to the volleyball court, as her husband and I loved to play with a great group of friends there. One day we started talking about the business idea and we decided to give it a shot. 

Cassandra & Cindy at the beach


Cassandra pregnant with her daughter, holding Cindy's daughter, Kyli


In 2008, we launched a small website with a few sought-after Ina essentials. Today, we are thrilled to carry not just Ina Garten favorites but an extensive line of luxurious Hotel Silver, gorgeous French serving pieces, La Rochere Glassware, and many essential, everyday kitchen tools. 

Cassandra's Kitchen - original storage unit

It has been the best journey and we’ve come a long way. I became a mom with 3 kids while Cindy had 2 and we were stay-at-home-work-from-home moms - naps were critical!  We used to store cookie cutters, packing tape, serving dishes and Hotel Silver bowls in my linen closet until we moved to Pennsylvania. I dedicated a whole room in my house to the business and built a garage to store the inventory. We’ve gone from shipping orders out of my little apartment and taking product shots in Cindy’s tiny kitchen to renting a huge warehouse space and now opening our first retail store.

Kids playing with styrofoam


I am so thankful to Ina Garten for allowing my family to be apart of this journey with her and for all the opportunities it has brought to our families.  


Ina Garten and Cassandra Schultz with the family

Comments on this post (14)

  • May 02, 2021

    We were in Hilton Head last week and visited your new store in Bluffton, S.C. Absolutely beautiful! The store was set up perfectly. Of course I bought some items as I have in the past online. Love Ina and her taste in dinnerware, etc. and now we can purchase those items in a store. Thank you and what a great woman owned business it is. Wish you luck and plan to visit on our next trip to Hilton Head. I would recommend anyone visiting that area to stop in. Loved reading the journey.

    Anita Viel

    — Anita Viel

  • May 01, 2021

    We loved visiting your store yesterday. It is great. Wishing you many years of success and happiness. See you soon!

    — Mary Vail

  • Apr 20, 2021

    Loved reading your blog seeing how you all got connected. Your mom was one of my besties at CSSM. We could probably tell u lots of our fun stories from high school. Nice to hear your family journey!
    Congratulations with your first store
    Happy to be connected to your mom again through Facebook. Decor and food are a big part of my life!!

    — Diane HIllyer Todd

  • Apr 16, 2021

    Loved reading about your journey, thank you for sharing! Congratulations, and cheers to your past and future successes!

    — Rebecca Kerns

  • Apr 15, 2021

    Congratulations on the store! We are very pleased with the timely response and ethical business practices when doing business with this company. It’s been a pleasure to work with proven and selective products!

    — Evette O.

  • Apr 15, 2021

    Thank you all so much for the kind comments! Our address is 258 Red Cedar St, #17, Bluffton, SC 29910. Hope to see you all very soon!

    — Cassandra's Kitchen

  • Apr 15, 2021

    Bravo! The journey continues!

    — Carrie

  • Apr 15, 2021

    Wonderful story! Love your items!
    Any way to get the shipping costs down?
    I would certainly order more…sometimes the shipping causes me pause.

    Arlene Gould
    Northern California

    — Arlene Gould

  • Apr 15, 2021

    Good luck on your new venture!!! I’ve been an admirer of Ina too! I Purchased those useful plastic containers a few years ago! They are great!
    I’ll plan to visit your Bluffton store soon!

    — Debbie

  • Apr 15, 2021

    I am absolutely thrilled for you. Live in Canada and when this wretched pandemic allows I will most certainly be making a trip ! Directions please.
    Remember “the cream always rises to the top” and you girls most certainly have
    Bon chance Jane Webb-Sankey

    — Jane Webb Sankey

  • Apr 15, 2021

    What is your address in Bluffton, SC????

    — Beau Miller

  • Apr 15, 2021

    Beat of luck to you as you start your new endeavor! I always look forward to your emails and products. I have been following Ina for years on her TV shows and of curse her wonderful cookbooks. Everything I have made from her recipes always comes out perfect.

    — Doralee Jacobson

  • Apr 15, 2021

    This is how it happens !!!!! When you’re faithful with the small things….. the doors for greater things will open !!!! ❤️ Beautiful story …. and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS !!!💐💐💐

    — Bunny Jumonville

  • Apr 15, 2021

    Congratulations ladies! What a wonderful success story and a testament to your hard work and commitment to your goals. I have been a regular on-line customer for many years always with an eye toward your latest offering in Hotel ,and you never disappoint.

    I look forward to the next installment of how you arrived in the low country of South Carolina. This is beginning to look like a great beach novel.

    — Dorcas Regelbrugge

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