Cassandra's Kitchen - Mother's Day

Mother’s Day. Being a mom myself, it’s one of my favorite days. Although I rarely get to actually relax on Mother’s Day, I love seeing motherhood celebrated and I feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful moms in my life – my own family, my friends and of course, Cassandra’s Kitchen.

When Cindy and I started Cassandra’s Kitchen almost 10 years ago, we wanted to work in a way that would allow us to build and grow a successful business while still being able to spend time with our families - especially our very young children. Back then I didn’t realize how much running a business and being a mom had in common – organization, communication, negotiation, multitasking. The list goes on. 

Everyone that works for Cassandra’s Kitchen is a mom. We’re a small shop – there are just four of us, but we have 13 kids between us! Kim, our shipping manager, makes sure our customers get their goodies on time. She manages the inventory, keeps things organized and makes sure I do not lose my mind with all of the constant shipments and deliveries. And…she has four beautiful children – all with their own school and sports commitments. Kim’s a major mutlitasker and an amazing organizer, with an eye for detail. She seems to handle everything with a calm demeanor – I guess as a mom of four, she has mastered the art of ‘not sweating the small stuff.’

Michelle is our marketing manager, she handles a lot of our social media as well as sales and promotions. She is also ‘mom’ to three little boys - active, entertaining, curious boys.  They keep her busy and so do we! Michelle helps Cindy and I stay connected and on task, and does her best to keep Cassandra’s Kitchen relevant to our customers and followers. She’s been a great asset to our team and we’re thankful to her family for sharing her with us. 

Cindy and I started Cassandra’s Kitchen together. Our families used to spend our summer days on the beach in East Hampton and that’s where our partnership began. Cindy is so devoted to her husband and her two girls. Both of her daughters are fabulous athletes. From soccer matches to gymnastics meets to lifeguard training and competitions, Cindy is there, cheering them on and making sure they have healthy snacks!! Even with the demanding schedule of her children Cindy makes it a priority to eat as a family – something that fits with my parenting style and the ideals behind Cassandra’s Kitchen. 

I love that Cassandra’s Kitchen has opened my life to these ladies and that we’ve created an environment and a business that works well for working parents and their families. Just like Ina, we want to encourage people to cook together, eat together, and enjoy spending time with one another – for me, that’s what is most important.

Of course, I couldn’t finish my Mother’s Day post without a shout out to my mom, Barbara (in case you didn’t get enough in this blog post, haha). She continues to inspire me in business and life and is my lifeline when it comes to cooking, baking and just general kitchen crisis. With three kids, a husband and a yard full of chickens, she gets more calls for help than I’d like to admit, and she always comes through – but I guess that’s what being a Mom is all about! 

Cheers to mothers everywhere!



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Happy Mother’s Day my friend. You are all amazing. Xoxo


Happy Mother’s Day, Cassandra. You have such a nice blog. xoxo


Well done, Ladies. I love all things Ina and am so glad to be able to have the option to purchase special things from CK.

Chloe Harriman

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day! xoxo


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