Cassandra's Margarita Recipe

Cassandra's Margarita Recipe

I’m sure you know by now that my drink of choice is a margarita.  When we lived outside of Philly, I found the BEST margaritas at @CantinaFeliz.  Now that I’m 700 miles from Philly, I’m on the search for the best Margs.  Sometimes I find that I’m better off making them myself and I think I’ve created the closest thing to it!  I love having guests over but I don’t want to be a bartender.
While I generally stick with Ina Garten recipes, I found myself wanting a big pitcher of margs ready to go.  When I had friends over for a taco night recently, I made the recipe below.  Make sure you have a big pitcher and a cocktail stirrer.  
4 ounces Cointreau
10 ounces lime juice, freshly squeezed
3 1/2 ounces agave syrup
22 ounces tequila
Garnish:  lime wheels


    To a 52-ounce pitcher, add the Cointreau and lime juice and stir to combine.
    Add the agave, followed by the tequila. Stir with a cocktail stirrer to combine.
    To serve, pour 4 ounces of the mixture at a time into a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled. 
    Strain into a stemmed Margarita glass filled with ice and  a salted rim 


    Garnish with a thin lime wheel.

      Products used: Ascutney pitcher (we also love the Woodbury), Maple cocktail stirrer  (or cocktail mixing spoon), Ice bucket (hotel silver - currently out of stock but sign up for restock emails to be notified - love this one), & Rectangular stacking dish. Served on a woven serving tray.

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