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Hotel Silver, Luxury Vintage European Silver - an Ina Garten favorite

If you've been a follower of ours for any sort of time, you've absolutely seen us speaking about our love of Hôtel Silver. The classic, timeless beauty of their pieces is out of this world and to be treasured for generations. They make a beautiful gift, a wonderful treasure to pass down for generations.

I was initially led to the Hotel Silver collection through Ina Garten. Ina’s collection is displayed on the open shelving in her barn, which you can usually see on her instagram posts. They typically include the trays, handled bowls, cake stands and a beautiful collection of coffee and tea pots.
I'm so grateful for the relationship we have developed with Ginger and Hilary over the years. These lovely women are all working together to bring you the best of a beautiful collection at the highest of quality.

Hear how Hôtel Silver came to be a wonderful brand over the years and why it's such a treasured brand by many.

HÔTEL Silver Sauce Boats Tableware Hotel Silver

Seen above: HÔTEL Silver Sauce Boats

A Spark in Italy Ignites a Passion - how it all began!

The allure of European hotel silver struck Ginger in the early 1960s during a fashion shoot in Italy. A breakfast tray adorned with crisp white linens held a silver coffee pot – "adorable," she'd call it, with its unique patina and character. The experience sparked a lifelong love affair.

Years passed as Ginger navigated careers in fashion, magazines, and interior design. But that silver coffee pot never faded from her memory. Finally, she realized others might share her adoration for vintage European hotel silver.

hotel silver vintage oval tray

Seen above: HÔTEL Silver Oval Tray

From Breakfast Tray to Business Boom

Fueled by her innate sense of style, Ginger curated a collection of these charming pieces. Her presentation, featuring the silver alongside crisp linens, captivated the press. In the early 1990s, Ginger single-handedly put collecting vintage European hotel silver on the map. It wasn't just a collection; it was a passion transformed into a booming business.

Since 1988, Hôtel Silver has built a reputation for its chic collection of curated vintage European hotel silver.

HÔTEL Silver Private Label Footed Bowl With Handles

Seen above: HÔTEL Silver Private Label Footed Bowl With Handles

More Than Just Fancy Silver

Hôtel Silver is not your typical collection of heirloom silver and it far surpasses your traditional serveware. In fact, these pieces were designed for everyday use in hotels and restaurants, and Hôtel Silver encourages customers to use them in their own homes to make the everyday occasion, meal, and family get together feel like that much more of an experience. From vintage watering cans to elegant cake stands and even flatware, the dedication to quality is unbeatable.

Many of the pieces you see from Hôtel Silver are sourced from London and meticulously restored by a silversmith. The pieces are designed to be versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, from serving vegetables to holding nuts and candies.

Hôtel Silver attracts a diverse clientele, including interior designers, architects, and entertaining enthusiasts. The streamlined design and functionality of the pieces make them a popular choice for modern homes.

While Hôtel Silver initially gained recognition at Bergdorf Goodman, the brand has grown to be featured in various magazines and used by celebrities like Martha Stewart and Ina Garten.

Hillary's favorite Hôtel Silver pieces? That would be the ice pails, toast racks, pedestal bowls, and trays.

Hôtel Silver Private Label 16" Oval Chiller

 Seen above: Hôtel Silver Private Label 16" Oval Chiller

A Legacy of Style Continues with Hilary Allinson

Hôtel's story takes another exciting turn with the arrival of Ginger's daughter, Hilary Allinson. Leveraging her experience as the former head of Bergdorf Goodman's decorative home business, Hilary meticulously cultivates and enhances the brand's offerings.

Hilary's background in finance adds a keen business sense, ensuring Hôtel maintains the high standards established by her mother. At the same time, her passion for design and travel – the very wellsprings of Hôtel's inspiration – ushers in a new era for the brand.

Together, Ginger and Hilary's shared love for beautiful design, travel adventures, and warm hospitality are the heart and soul of Hôtel. This spirit permeates every aspect of the brand, from the curated collections to the welcoming ethos.

Easy Care for Lasting Beauty

Hôtel Silver pieces are beautifully replated and require minimal maintenance. Gentle polishing with recommended brands (like this Twinkle polish) is all that's needed to keep them looking their best.

Cassandra and Hillary of Hotel Silver

Cassandra and Hillary in Cassandra's Kitchen in Bluffton, South Carolina!

Beyond the Kitchen

Hôtel Silver pieces can be used throughout the home, not just in the kitchen. Bowls can be displayed on bookshelves, and bedside tables are another perfect spot for a small silver piece.

See below for some of our best sellers!


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