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We continue to be inspired by Ina Garten’s latest cookbook Cook Like A Pro - you may be tired of hearing about it by now, but there’s more! In addition to some wonderful new recipes, Cook Like A Pro also features a few photos of table settings and serving ideas.

There’s a beautiful shot of Ina’s table with our Natural Round Placemats so we decide to put together another 'Get The Look' post, because who doesn’t want to emulate Ina’s classic, comfortable style? Take a look at how we used some of our favorite products to recreate the look.

Natural Round Placemats

These are the exact handwoven placemats used in Ina’s photo. Great for everyday use and they add a subtle, natural element to your table. Their shape and size are great for all table shapes (15-inch diameter). 

Pillivuyt White Dinnerware

This timeless dinnerware collection is made in France and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. They are available in a 5-piece-set (dinner plate, dessert plate, bread plate, salad/soup bowl, cereal bowl) or a 3-piece-set (dinner plate, bread plate, cereal bowl). The pieces are also available individually.

Classic Footed Bowl

This french made Pillivuyt bowl has excellent heat retention to keep food warm at the table and it’s classic look complements any dinnerware or china. Ina uses them regularly in her kitchen and on her table! It's microwave, oven, and broiler safe, and can go directly from the freezer to the oven. Available in two sizes (9 3/4 and 13-inch), this bowl is resistant to chipping and dishwasher safe. The Deep Cecil Bowl has is another option - it has all the same properties as the Classic Footed Bowl but with a different silhouette. 

LaRochere Glassware

This handblown glassware is another Ina favorite and adds elegance to any table. The Amitie and Antoine glasses we used on our table are not the exact glasses Ina used in her Cook Like A Pro layout, but if you’ve ever visited the Barefoot Contessa site, you’ve seen them on Ina’s table plenty of times.

Cotton Napkins

These are our goto napkins. Great for all occasions. Nothing fancy, but they complete the table. We also have a Zigzag version, if you’re looking to add a graphic element.

Everyday Flatware

The name says it all, this is the flatware we use everyday. This Everyday Flatware comes in a 24 piece set. It is dishwasher safe and will never rust. Comes in two color ways to suit your style (linen and black). A simple, no fuss option that will stay with you through the years.

All of the pieces in this 'Get The Look' are simple, classic, and timeless - making them easy to incorporate into your own personal style. We’d love to see how you “Get The Look” in your own home, so please feel free to reach out to use with your photos!

— Cassandra

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I saw some pretty yellow cloth napkins in one of her cookbooks. Where could I find those?

Kim Harris

The white bowls are so impressive and simply beautiful that are filled with fruit, so if you can identify them I would like to purchase them.

Anita Viel

The white bowls are so impressive and simply beautiful that are filled with fruit, so if you can identify them I would like to purchase them.

Anita Viel

Patti, the last set of placemats we ordered had a few with a slight discoloration. We are reordering them and will make sure they are perfect before they are up on the site. As for the flatware, the set comes as is. Thanks!

Cassandra's Kitchen

I was interested in the large, woven hyacinth placemats but was concerned when I read the recent review. Are these the thick ones from Ina’s pictures?

Also, I purchased 2 sets of the linen silverware. I miss a salad fork; is there a way to purchase them to add to the set?

Thanks in advance.

Patti O'Dorisio

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