Spring Kitchen Refresh

Spring Kitchen Refresh

The first thing we think of when summer rolls around is cleaning out our closets and getting rid of any clothes with holes in them. But what about your kitchen? Are you ready for the summer heat (in the kitchen...of course!)

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your kitchen. Here are some tips on how to do it:

- Clean out your fridge and freezer—make sure you get rid of any old food that might be giving off a funky odor. If there's anything that looks questionable, put it in a sealed bag and throw it away; don't risk getting sick! If your cheese isn't stored properly, we love these storage bags. Also, it's so good to have our Stretch-Tite Plastic Wrap & our Wrap & Snap Dispenser on-hand to ensure your food storage game is top notch.

- Wash all of your plates, glasses, bowls, etc., in hot soapy water and toss out anything with chips or dents and refresh your dinnerware. Our personal favorite is this set by Pillyvuit. If you're in need of new glasses, our Farmhouse Glassware & Simple Glassware are always great options.

- Clean out the ingredients in your pantry. If there are any that you no longer use or the caps have been left off for too long, consider refreshing with our good ingredients. Our personal favorite is the Olio Santo Olive Oil.

- Open those kitchen drawers and..yes, you definitely should wipe them out with a damp cloth but it's also important to look at your silverware. Are you in need of new steak knives? Maybe you need new silverware entirely! Eventually, our beloved and trusty sets do need to be replaced. We love the Everyday Flatware set (and it's on sale!)

- Toss out any old linens you've been hanging onto for too long and replace with our favorite Wolf & Irving napkins or even grab a new apron.

And don't forget we offer a registry option! So, if you're a bride or new homeowner and are in need of a gift registry, we'd love to help you. You can create a registry here.

So, tell us - what do you usually do for spring & summer refreshes in your home? Are you a closet clean out type of person or do you also focus on the kitchen? We'd love to hear what you do!



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