Springs Farmer's Market - East Hampton

Springs Farmer's Market - East Hampton

I absolutely love summer in East Hampton. One of my favorite things to do is visit the local farmer’s markets. This week Cassandra was in town and we had a great morning at the Springs Farmer’s Market on the green at Ashawagh Hall. Springs is the part of East Hampton where we both grew up, so it’s always fun to visit the market when we're back there during the summer. 

Springs Farmer’s Market has some of my favorite vendors and I always leave with my hands full. The flowers and plants from Pierpont’s Blossom Farm are gorgeous. The fresh lavender is amazing – beautiful and fragrant. You can use it to make lavender lemonade or dry it to make sachets for drawers or closets.

Balsam Farms offers the best veggies, fruits, and berries. Some of us had a hard time waiting until we got home to dig in!

The baskets of bread and baguette from Eli Zabar are hard to pass up. And the lobsters and shellfish from local fisheries looked delicious.

I always try to have some meals in mind as I shop, but there are always things that catch my eye, so I end up coming home with lots of extras – like fresh Bloody Mary Mix or Eggplant Caponata.

Cassandra and I had a great time walking the market together and it was fun to chat with the vendors. Occasionally I’ll have questions about the produce or products and I’ve found the vendors/farmers to be a great resource for recipes and meal ideas. We always have the best meals on farmer’s market days and I feel good knowing that we’re supporting our local farms, fisheries, and artisans. A total win-win!


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