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Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

We’re back with another great recipe for the Cast Iron Skillet. If you’ve been following along you know we love our Cast Iron Skillets and Ina Garten’s Skillet Brownies. That recipe inspired us to try a dessert in our 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet, Lodge’s Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie. It is amazing!

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Cast Iron Skillet Care & Tasty Recipes

One of the most popular items in our shop is our set of Mini Skillets – we use them to make Ina’s famous Skillet Brownies, which is probably why they are so loved! We found this set of 5-inch skillets to be so useful, from breakfast to dessert, so last year we added a 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet to the shop as well. Whenever we post about these skillets, we always get questions about how to properly clean them – so we wanted to give some pointers on how to care for them and we even added a few of our favorite skillet recipes for you to try!

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