Our Visit with Hôtel Silver

Last month Cindy had a wonderful visit with the great Hôtel Silver collector and dealer, Ginger Kilbane. It’s always a pleasure to visit Hotel Silver headquarters which is nestled in the woods of Connecticut. It’s like a cottage hidden in the forest and filled with silver gorgeousness.

Cassandra’s Kitchen is fortunate and honored to be one of a select few retail spaces to offer Hôtel Silver. We cherish our relationship with Ginger, her associate Mary, and the entire team. Because of this years-long relationship, we are able to bring our customers so many beautiful and unique vintage pieces that will stand the test of time and continue to be passed down through generations. 

Ginger travels to Europe (mostly England) to search out the best silver for the Hôtel Silver collection. She’s passionate about her work and her collection – Ginger goes to great lengths so that we can all experience the charm and elegance of these timeless silver serving pieces.


Here at Cassandra’s Kitchen, we do our best to listen to customer feedback and carry the Hôtel Silver pieces that you want for your own collections. Recently we’ve added Dessert Forks and some lovely footed dishes to the shop. They are the Sorbet Bowls, and the slightly shorter Condiment Bowls. We’ve used them for salsa, pickles, nuts, candy, and ice cream. They’re a convenient size and look really great as part of a cheese board or fruit tray. 

We’ve also added a 16-inch Hôtel Silver Rectangular Tray and a wonderful array of Hôtel Silver Coffeepots and Teapots. Each pot has unique characteristics so we've displayed each individual teapot on the Cassandra’s Kitchen website, that way customers are able to choose which vintage piece best fits their style. Currently, there are 10 vintage teapots available a few of which are Art Deco style from 20s and 30s. It’s a more simplistic and modern look but still versatile and classic. For more information on our Hôtel Silver collection, please reach out to us with your comments or questions - info@cassandraskitchen.com. 

We’re proud to offer you the very best silver pieces and we are grateful to Ginger for the care and effort she puts into curating the Hôtel Silver collection. These pieces really do add effortless style and everyday luxury to our homes! Thank you, Ginger! 



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Anita Viel, we are thrilled to hear it!

Cassandra's Kitchen

Great blog! I love the history and special pieces of Hotel Silver. Can’t wait to make my first purchase.

Jasmine Giles

I just purchased the 2 pint tea pot and it is absolutely beautiful! It was more beautiful than I expected. Great job on the tea pots. I happen to be a tea drinker and it is perfect.

Anita Viel

Thanks for the blog posting and for the info and photos about Hotel Silver.

All the best,


Bill Gaskill

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