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WÜSTHOF Classic 2 3/4'' Peeling Knife

WÜSTHOF Classic 2 3/4'' Peeling Knife

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Say hello to your new kitchen sidekick, the small and mighty WÜSTHOF Peeling Knife! This little wonder is like a superhero for your rounded veggies and fruits, stepping in for all your peeling and cleaning needs. You might know it as a Turning or Tourne Knife – it's got a short, curved blade that's like a bird's beak, perfect for zipping through potatoes and apples in a flash.

But here's the magic: this knife isn't just about getting rid of the skin. It's all about preserving those precious vitamins right beneath the surface. Think of it as your personal health guardian, making sure you're getting the good stuff. And oh, the wonders it does with its plain edge! Picture this: super precise cuts that turn your produce into edible artwork. Fancy hollowing out or giving your fruits and veggies a stylish makeover? Yep, this knife's got your back there too. So, say goodbye to kitchen hassles and hello to your new peeling and decorating partner – the Peeling Knife that's here to make your kitchen adventures smooth and delightful!

Handle Length: 3.543 in

MaterialResilient Synthetic Handle, Riveted

Blade Length2.756 in

Blade Width: 0.787 in

Great for: Round fruits & vegetables


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