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WÜSTHOF Classic 5'' Serrated Utility Knife


Say hello to the ultimate lunchtime buddy and brunch partner – the WÜSTHOF Classic 5'' Serrated Utility Knife that's here to add a sprinkle of magic to your meals! You know those annoying moments when you try to slice through a roll and it ends up in a mess? Well, this knife has got your back! With its fine serrated edge, it's like the superhero of clean cuts, making sure your rolls stay perfectly intact. But that's not all, my friend!

Let's talk veggies – firm tomatoes, you better watch out because this knife is ready to tackle you. And fruits? Yep, it's got their number too. Even dry sausage is no match for its slicing prowess. So whether you're crafting the perfect sandwich or setting up a brunch spread that'll have your guests talking for days, this knife is your go-to pal. Imagine it side by side with our Cheese Knife, like a dynamic duo ready to make your mealtime unforgettable. So, get ready to slice, dice, and conquer with the Utility Knife by your side – your mealtime just got a whole lot more exciting!

Handle Length: 3.858 in

MaterialResilient Synthetic Handle, Riveted

Blade Length5.512 in

Blade Width: 0.787 in

Great for: bread roll, firm and softer fruit & vegetables, and pizza