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WÜSTHOF Pull-Apart Kitchen Shears

WÜSTHOF Pull-Apart Kitchen Shears

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These bad boys aren't just scissors; they're like your trusty sidekick for all things culinary.

From tackling those tricky fish bones to snipping fresh herbs like chives, the WÜSTHOF Pull-Apart Kitchen Shears are like a magic wand for your kitchen tasks.

Whether you're prepping, cooking, or presenting, these shears are right there with you, making things smoother and more fun. Oh, and the cherry on top? They're not just any shears – they're backed by over 200 years of WÜSTHOF's kitchen wizardry. So, say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary, because with WÜSTHOF Kitchen Shears, you're not just cooking – you're creating culinary magic!

Handle Length: 4.331 in

Material: Synthetic Handle


Great for: herbs, household needs

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