About Us

Cintia Parsons & Cassandra Schultz - Cassandra's Kitchen Founders


Cassandra's Kitchen is based in Pennsylvania and is owned and operated by Cintia Parsons & Cassandra Schultz. Two hard working, beach girls from East Hampton, NY with a healthy outlook on life. Both are passionate about spending time with their families, cooking at home, and having fun. 

Cassandra began working at Ina Garten's Specialty food store, The Barefoot Contessa, at the age of 13, filling glassine bags with Ina's home baked cookies and serving freshly brewed coffee to customers. A six foot tall, blonde beach volleyball player with a winning smile, she is hard to miss and can even be seen on some of Ina's Barefoot Contessa Shows. She has 3 young children and one amazing husband, Eric.  

Cintia has a background in graphic design and marketing. Just under 5 feet in height, she's an energetic brunette who is committed to fitness and puts much effort into making delicious homemade meals that fit into her busy lifestyle. She makes up her height difference in heels. Cintia has two young girls and one amazing husband, Brad. 

Cintia and Cassandra both love simple, beautiful kitchenware that is functional, easy to use and has a clean palette. Similar to Ina Garten, herself, no gimmicks, no gadgets, just great quality pieces that can be used again and again. Having had a relationship with Ina Garten for years, They opened Cassandra's Kitchen in 2008 with the concept of selling Barefoot Contessa favorite kitchen products all under one roof.