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Bench Scraper

Bench Scraper

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The Bench Scraper, also known as a dough scraper, dough knife, pastry cutter, board scraper, or bench knife, is a must-have tool in every kitchen. Its versatility and functionality make it an indispensable companion for a wide range of tasks. Whether you're a professional baker or a home cook, the Bench Scraper is designed to assist you in cutting, chopping, lifting, blending, smoothing, measuring, and cleaning surfaces with ease.


Measures 6 inches by 4.5 inches.

Intended for cutting pastry dough and, pie crusts, and is a versatile tool for chopping any ingredients.

Features a wide stainless steel blade which is securely fastened to the comfortable handle.

Beautiful and comfortable contoured wood handle with a partial tang for strength.

Hand wash and dry after use.

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