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WÜSTHOF Classic 8" Chef's Knife

WÜSTHOF Classic 8" Chef's Knife

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Hold onto your chef's hat, because the WÜSTHOF Classic 8" Chef's Knife is like the ultimate multitasker that's always up for a challenge. Seriously, whether you're mincing, chopping, or even doing some meat or fish action, this knife's got your back. And don't even get us started on fruits and veggies – it's like a ninja in the kitchen, making every cut smooth as butter.

This Chef's Knife turns food prep into a joyful experience. Whether you're a master chef or a kitchen newbie, trust us – the WÜSTHOF Classic 8" Chef's Knife is the secret ingredient to making your cooking dreams come true!

Handle Length: 4.528 in

MaterialResilient Synthetic Handle, Riveted

Blade Length: 7.874 in

Blade Width: 1.85 in

Great for: cabbage, fish, fruit, heads of lettuce, herbs, meat, vegetables


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