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Fleur de Sel with Herbs De Provence Camarge

Fleur de Sel with Herbs De Provence Camarge

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Hand-harvested by skilled workers, Fleur de Sel is a premium sea salt that is carefully collected from the top layer of salt beds, comprising only the moist, flaky, and textured kernels. This delicate salt is distinguished by its larger kernels and rich mineral complexity, setting it apart from regular table salt. Fleur de Sel is typically used as a finishing salt, adding both flavor and texture to dishes.

This particular Fleur de Sel is enhanced with the aromatic blend of herbs de Provence, elevating the flavor profile even further. Sprinkle this premium salt on fresh salads, eggs, or any other cooked dishes to add a touch of luxury to your meals. Experience the difference that high-quality salt can make with our Fleur de Sel with herbs de Provence.

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