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HÔTEL Silver Tiered Oyster Stand


The HÔTEL Silver Tiered Oyster Stand is a new product to our Hotel Silver Collection. This gorgeous silver 2-tiered stand was originally designed for a restaurant in London to serve oysters on ice. We love that it also looks fabulous piled with fruit and cheeses or cupcakes and other desserts. This HÔTEL Silver Tiered Oyster Stand is hand-made in London and triple-plated in pure silver. 

Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, loves HÔTEL Silver because it always looks fantastic.

The HÔTEL Silver Tiered Oyster Stand makes the most memorable and unique wedding gift.

HÔTEL Silver is easy to clean. Just rub a little Twinkle Silver Polish with the sponge provided and rinse it under warm water. It's as easy as that, takes less than 3 minutes and your HÔTEL Silver will look spectacular and always be ready to use. 


15.75” Total Height
2.25” diam. of round handle
5” diam. base
8” diam. of top tier
10” diam. of bottom tier
1” height of gallery border around both tiers 


  • Triple-plated in pure silver
  • Hand-made in London
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful and simple design
  • Makes a unique wedding gift 

If you love the HÔTEL Silver Tiered Oyster Stand, pair it with the HÔTEL Silver Tea & Coffee Pot and enjoy the simple elegance of silver every day.

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